Shaping a better future through better leadership. 

Our Fellowship Graduates Learn the Lifelong Skills to...

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Flourish with a Sense of Purpose

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Build Relationships & Trust

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Develop Teams of Excellence

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Is this it?

What more can I do to serve others?

How can I be a better leader?

Many young professionals hit a wall mid-career. Without the right tools and support, they fail to reach their full potential.

Reach your full potential

There's No Other Program Quite Like This

The Severn Leadership Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization developing leaders of character and purpose, committed to serving others before self. Our dedicated mentors, with proven leadership skills and experience, guide our fellows on their journey. You will develop a lifelong network of like-minded fellows who are committed to leading by serving others.

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Continue your journey with the right tools & support from qualified mentors


Share your experience and inspire future leaders by serving as a mentor


Invest in the development of leadership and excellence in your organization

We’re Proud to Connect our Fellow Leaders with Mentors Across North America

The SLG is a leadership incubator like no other. In no other place in my career have I received the personal investment in time and conversation from a diverse group of senior leaders as I have in the SLG. The personal reflection and growth has been truly amazing.

Bill W. - SLG Fellow

The program provides a great venue to reexamine yourself and your leadership style.  It is a very supportive group that cares deeply about the program and the fellows. Having a mentor to bounce ideas off of is an incredible gift.

Kelsey L. - SLG Fellow

The SLG Fellows Program is phenomenal.  The opportunity to develop relationships with other professionals, in all stages of life, who are similarly focused on personal and professional growth is refreshing… our world needs more!

David P. - SLG Fellow

Much like going to the gym to lift weights and maintain muscular endurance, SLG was a great opportunity to train leadership muscles for future response.

Sean F. - SLG Fellow

I was tremendously impressed with the quality of the Fellows and their desire to learn to be better leaders. It gives me confidence in the future if they are representative of our future leaders.

Paul W. - SLG Mentor
Available now

Swing: Elite Leadership for High Performance Teams

The new book by Founder and Chairman of The Severn Leadership Group, Sigval M. Berg.

High-performance teams require a special kind of leader. It is not about the leader, but the team or more precisely the leader in service to the team. The purpose of this book is to re-frame your thinking about leadership from an individual concept to a team experience. 

The future can be better than the present. We have a personal and moral responsibility to make it so.

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