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Living and Leaving a Legacy

By Ray Rottman I was 31 years old when my vibrant, non-smoking father was diagnosed with lung cancer a few days after his 75th birthday; we said our final goodbyes […]


In Memoriam Ted Parker

It is with a very heavy heart that we share the news that VADM Ted Parker passed away June 25th.  VADM Parker was one of the founding members of SLG.  […]


Leading Like a Father

By Chuck Hollingsworth Content Notice: This article contains a traumatic, but miraculous birth story. Discretion is advised to those who may be sensitive. It was my first time in a delivery […]


Wearing Many Hats

By Ali and Mary Ghaffari As Leaders, we often talk of wearing many different hats. We speak of Leadership and Followership. We speak of influencing our co-workers, our teams, or […]

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The Renaissance of Character

by Elise Keitz We find ourselves in a unique moment for defining who we will be next, as individuals and as a society. When perhaps we were drowning in professional […]

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Integrity of Faith and Cyberspace

–By Branden Lynam I wrapped up my Severn Leadership Group fellowship in April of 2019, shortly after the birth of my fifth child. I was about halfway through my present […]

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Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

By Ed Sheppard – While serving on active duty as a Coast Guard Officer, my family and I were fortunate to live, work and travel in many locations where we […]


The Difference a Mentor Makes

By Darby Yeager – As a navy helicopter pilot, I have been blessed with a lot of great professional mentors throughout my career.  From department heads to skippers, I always […]


On Leadership: Service to Others

By August Pasquale — The following is an excerpt from James Kouzes and Barry Posner’s A Leader’s Legacy, with additional comments and analysis below. “Everything leaders do is about providing […]


Now, More than Ever

By Sig Berg – The Walk to Freedom on June 23, 1963 in Detroit.  It was the largest civil rights march in the nation’s history up to that date.  It […]


SLG Impact in Nigeria

By Gretchen Moran — Shortly after I finished my fellowship at the Severn Leadership Group, I was invited to Nigeria to help a small NGO build and scale software systems […]

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Why Invest in Leadership?

By Gretchen Moran — If one word can be used to describe the year 2020, it might be “unprecedented”. The challenges that Americans and the rest of the world share […]

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